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Kyle Fletcher, former guitarist for the bluegrass jam band Buckthorn Brothers, has been working on his first solo album, appropriately titled Tumbleweed. Although there is no specific release date yet established, Kyle and producer Michael De La Torre are confident that the album will be ready towards the end of April.

Fletcher says the name essentially describes himself and his career so far, as he has constantly been on the move and frequently tours about 30 states every year (it’s also his nickname on Facebook). Originally from Minnesota, Minneapolis, Kyle made the official move to Los Angeles just over a year ago after finishing up a live album with the Buckthorn Brothers and had already heard of 17th Street Recording Studios through a mutual friend of Lewis Richards. He met De La Torre through Kat Nestel and the two quickly became fans of each other’s styles, with Michael eventually suggesting that Kyle come work with him at 17th Street.

Michael, better known by his stage name as Mic Dangerously, initially started producing for himself using nothing but a G4 Powerbook with Cubase from 2003, a cheap Squier guitar amp and what he calls “ghetto ingenuity.” However, he soon discovered his raw talent as a producer and intuitively honed his craftsmanship with professional equipment once he arrived at 17th Street. Since then, he has been a part of numerous projects at the studio but focuses the majority of his time and energy towards his own band, Zen Robbi. “I’m usually pretty selective about the projects I take on,” says Mic, “I try to take on as many as I can because I really enjoy doing it but I get kept pretty busy with Zen Robbi.”


Pretty busy would certainly be an understatement in this case, as the band is currently finishing up their 5th album, titled Dead Man’s Hand, with two music videos preceding it. As such, Mic mentions that he decided to work on Tumbleweed because Fletcher’s music truly peaked his interest. With Mic’s funk rock style and Kyle’s bluegrass roots, the two are certainly a unique pairing and have created a jazzy hook-based sound that is bound to resonate with fans all across the country.

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Rebel Shakedown: Long Time Waiting http://www.17thstreetrecordingstudio.com/archives/rebel-shakedown-long-time-waiting/ http://www.17thstreetrecordingstudio.com/archives/rebel-shakedown-long-time-waiting/#comments Tue, 17 Mar 2015 23:05:18 +0000 http://www.17thstreetrecordingstudio.com/?p=7160 “The name of the [upcoming] EP is still up in the air. We were thinking Long Time Waiting.

Or something about us being brand new,” says Josh Ullrich (23), lead vocalist and guitar player

for Rebel Shakedown.


Although they are certainly in their infancy as a band, Josh himself is no stranger to the

spotlight. As one of the original members of the now defunct Phat Reggae Dub Status, he has

already established himself as a standout in the West Coast grassroots reggae/dub scene. The

band reached immense popularity between the years of 2009 and 2013, especially in Northern

California, where they consistently sold out venues and became a well-known name amongst the

students of UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, CalPoly San Luis Obispo and many other local

colleges. This gave Josh the opportunity to play in front massive crowds alongside some of his

prevalent musical influence, including bands like The Dirty Heads, Seedless and Fortunate

Youth. Indeed the decision to break up Phat Reggae Dub was difficult for all members, but one

that Josh feels was perfect for him to get a fresh start with years of experience under his belt.


Partly because of this, Rebel Shakedown in its own right has been able to achieve

meteoric success within the short nine months since its origin. After moving back to Huntington

Beach from Santa Barbara, Josh enlisted the help of former bandmate and drummer Daniel

Castaneda (23) to form a new band. Pianist Laurence Rugley (26) and saxophonist Daniel

Whalen (24) soon joined them and were also acquaintances of Ullrich. Bass guitar player Jacob

Marler (19) however, has a different story. He was a big fan of Phat Reggae Dub Status and

actually started working with the group after he messaged Josh on Facebook. To his surprise,

Josh invited him to a jam session and two months later, they played their first show as Rebel



The group is now working on their first EP, tentatively titled Long Time Waiting, with

17th Street Recording Studios producer Lewis Richards. Lewis and Josh have been close friends

for years and also worked together during the days of Phat Reggae Dub Status. Needless to say,

Rebel Shakedown’s sound will be heavily influenced by their predecessor but Josh emphasizes

that they bring their own unique sound “fusing rap with reggae.” The release date for the album

is to be announced but until then, check out Rebel Shakedown’s cover of Don’t Rock My Boat.

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Rome http://www.17thstreetrecordingstudio.com/archives/6585/ http://www.17thstreetrecordingstudio.com/archives/6585/#comments Sat, 07 Mar 2015 05:34:16 +0000 http://www.17thstreetrecordingstudio.com/?p=6585 Roman René Ramírez (born June 11, 1988 in Fremont, California), better known as Rome Ramirez or simply Rome, is an American singer and guitarist best known for playing with Eric Wilson from Sublime and Josh Freese from The Vandals in the bandSublime with Rome. The lineup initially featured original Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh before his departure in 2011. Despite participation by Gaugh and Wilson, the family of deceased Sublime member Bradley Nowell legally challenged the use of the Sublime name by the surviving members. Nowell actually registered the trademark “Sublime” under his own name prior to his death and had sole ownership. The lineup featuring Rome, Wilson and Bud Gaugh released their debut album Yours Truly on July 12, 2011.

Rome co-wrote the song “Lay Me Down” with The Dirty Heads and is featured in the song singing the chorus. It has also been confirmed that Rome has been working extensively with Enrique Iglesias on his 10th studio album.


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