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Rock and Roll is back and badder than ever.

From Los Angeles, CA emerges the nastiest power trio rock and roll has seen since the dawn of the millennium. For nearly 8 years now, the titanic trio have been terrorizing audiences across America with their rambunctious funk and ridiculous good looks. Led by the notorious pirate Captain Mic Dangerously, Scott Wittenberg and Timmy "Too Tall" Baker are the back bone to a beast of a band that is on the road to musical superstardom. Fusing rock, soul, swing, jazz and funk these boys can play, and they mean business.

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Pilot Touhill falls somewhere between Rock & Pop with Reggae influences. Catchy songs and soulful melodies that are completely honest and unedited like any private journal entry. Pilot captures the essence of reggae while retaining a modern pop songwriting style and holding it down with electronic drum beats.

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Micah Brown embarked on a full-time music career in the summer of 2010. Since then, he has accrued an impressive resume that includes: three critically-acclaimed releases, multiple music award nods (taking home three Orange County Music Awards), countless North American tour dates and festival appearances, and a full catalog of songwriting and performance credits from his day-job at 17th Street Recording Studio.

Brown’s original music derives from the blues, rock-n-roll, and outlaw country that drenched the garage while turning wrenches with his dad growing up. His soulful debut EP Down Like Hail was boosted by his first music video for the standout track Finally Free, establishing himself early on as a true professional.

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