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We are excited to announce Mic De La Torre, aka Mic Dangerously as the newest addition to our team. here is a short bio…

Michael “Dangerously” De La Torre, a Mic of all trades.

This Performer/Producer/Singer-Songwriter is a big part of the sound behind several acts that are tearing up earholes everywhere.

Best known in his role as lead singer/guitarist for Los Angeles based funk/dance/rock trio Zen Robbi, Mic has been performing in over 100 cities all over the west coast for nearly a decade, from the Mexican border to Reno, Nevada.

After putting out several critically acclaimed albums with Zen Robbi, having songs featured on Television stations such as MTV, Fox, Fuel and Country Music Television, Michael was approached by some of the godfathers of the California sound, Todd Forman and Bud Gaugh of Long Beach heavyweights, Sublime, and Bert Susanka from The Ziggens to start a band that played children’s music.

So began Jelly of the Month Club. To quench his musical thirst, satisfying a diverse palate, he has several other off shoot projects he gigs with regularly.

Geezer Martini is a singing duo with a piano player, covering primarily Rat Pack and Louis Prima.

And Gypsy River, the newest endeavor, is a sassy and classy approach to swing and blues, with a gypsy twist.

When he is not moonlighting as a hat switching axe toting minstrel, being an M.I. accredited audio engineer, he works by day behind the scenes as a Producer/Engineer at Orange County’s premier studio, 17th Street Studios.

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