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Confessions Of A Sex Monkey Audio CD

Lenny “Artist” Pettinelli is a pianist/singer/composer from L.A. With an extensive musical vocabulary covering many genres of music, one can be certain that Artist will have many new surprises in upcoming albums. His debut album, Confessions of a Sex Monkey, is one that showcases all of his different styles and gives you a glimpse of his quirky personality. Future albums will put more of a focus on one theme per album, but Artist has made it his mission to make sure that his listeners will not get bored or know what to expect. You’re bound to like something on this album if you like music!
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Popular or famous Nipsy music songs: Lovesick Crazy Fool, Creep Show, Wayowayo, Quistoliopa, Shandillear, Shouldna, Merry F’n X-Mas, Dirty, Defunkt, Crazy. More music songs Noodleroni, For Now, Boogaloo Mike, Let Me Know, Sex Monkey, Lobster Klawz, Drunken Man’s Rag, Sleaze. More music songs Col. Nipsy’s Variety Hour, Down on my Troubles. See All Songs

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