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Straight off of Fairfax and Santa Monica Blvd, Roxy Saint is an un-deterred creative energy navigating her star through the flourishing Los Angeles underground scene. She is the salacious musical progeny of Iggy Pop, carried to term in the womb of Marilyn Manson.

She’s part Cindy Sherman, part Punk Rock Queen, and the rest sexual provocateur. Surrounding herself with film kids, musicians, and at least 3 or 4 beautiful girls, she acts as both catalyst and glue. When asked about the girls, Roxy reasons, “Keith Richards always had beautiful women around him so, I figured I’d get some too.”

The DVD uses uncensored visual content attached to a strong lyrical, and metaphorical subtext -which in itself is a seditious act of art against the corporate constriction of creativity. For Roxy, the creation of a digital video becomes a renegade act of outsider art. “There’s never any money, and usually no crew, I utilize anything or anyone that’s readily available,” she says. “It’s guerilla meets dogma filmmaking.” The upside is that there are no rules, no asking permission, and no censorship.

The recordings are mere digital fragments, cheap and dirty polaroids of the songs, not auto-tuned for radio but raw for your twisted mind. With a 3 chip digital camera, a home computer, and a few light bulbs, you can now produce just about any kind of TV you want. Different? Dangerous? Provocative?..
Some of the footage was reality, and some is staged, but universally everything is taken out of context and reassembled for the viewers titillation. To further obfuscate the facts, the video footage is then warped again with editing and digital processing, to make the news-feel turn surreal. “When Warhol was asked why he stopped painting and started doing silk-screens,” says Roxy, “his answer was simple: ‘Because they’re cheap and I can make a lot of them.’ I apply that same idea to digital videos.’

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Roxy Saint is a shapeshifter, and defies conventional categorization. Just when you feel as though you know her, she’s changed. She is always working, always creating: a song, a video, a wardrobe, a painting, anything that can be useful to her artistic mission. Upon completion, the creations are then used to extend and perpetuate the lifestyle. Categories are boundaries, so to defy them is to push them out. Her DVD album combines three elements: music, picture and story, and it portrays the underbelly of the Hollywood myth, it’s dark, seedy, and sexual, codified with the after-burn of the domination culture that we live in.

Inspired by Andy Warhol, David Lynch (Blue Velvet), Hazel O’Connor (Breaking Glass), and the Harmony Korine film, Gummo. The project was produced independently and on the fly, 100 Percent guerilla street film 100 digital. The songs were recorded in the bedroom, the videos were shot in the bathroom, and edited on a borrowed first generation Apple G4 in the living room. Roxy”s underground style brings us full circle back to a time when the role of artists was to challenge the norm by attaching ideas to actions and rising up from the street.

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Andy Warhol
David Lynch (Blue Velvet),
Hazel O’Connor (Breaking Glass),
The Harmony Korine film

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