The Villebillies signature sound features a well choreographed vocal style with hard hitting rap verses, infectious hooks and soulful harmonies. Marked with beats drawn from a distinctive blend of urban and roots music, each of the three front men (Demi Demaree, Dustin “Tuck” Tucker and Derek “Child” Monyhan) bring their own technique and personality to every track. Never confined to one genre or topic, each song reflects a different experience within the greater context of the Villebillies’ story.

The group began in the early 2000s when a crew of loosely related musicians and MC’s began to collaborate, and named themselves the Villebillies, an ironic nod to their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. By playing shows and handing out demos, the Villebillies quickly became a local sensation. The music industry began to take notice, and in 2006 the band was signed to Universal/Motown. They released their self-titled debut and went on tour, amassing small pockets of fans across the country. In 2008 the band parted ways with Universal but continued to write and perform independently, releasing several albums under their own imprint.

In 2013, the Villebillies released a video for their song “Love is Kind of Crazy” on the internet. The video brought the band major label attention once again and they have signed to RED Associated Labels/Sony Music Entertainment. Throughout all of the twists and turns in the story of the Villebillies, one fact remains constant: it’s about the music. This is a group of guys who love what they do. Currently, the Villebillies are working on their next album, and are enjoying a rare and much deserved second chance at mainstream success.


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