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Perhaps THE most professional recording studio in all of Orange County. It’s run by the visionary, talented Lewis Richards and is a headquarters for collaborative community of musicians. I worked with Lewis for an LP album, and the experience was nothing short of perfect.

In terms of leadership, he provided the perfect balance between creative autonomy and editorial feedback during the album’s inception. Great communication with myself and the rest of my band members, kept the process transparent for everyone. On a technical level, Lewis is a brilliant sound engineer and knows his programs like the back of his hand. He’s well read on various different recording methods and seasoned in a multitude of programs and equipment.

Completely satisfied with my experience working with him. I came in with the intention to record music, and 17th St. Recording Studio sent me off with an album I’m proud of. Not to mention, I gained a valuable friend in Lewis along the way.

Also, Lewis’ chihuahuas (studio mascots, whether you like it or not) are the only chihuahuas that I have ever liked. Ever.


This has to be one of the most unique and impressive recording studios I’ve had the pleasure of recording in.  We used Lewis’ facility for a project we did for our non-profit music school, The CUT Studios.  As a singer/songwriter, I have recorded everywhere from DARP (Dallas Austin) in Atlanta to Universal Recording Studios in LA.  Not only did 17th St Recording studios provide a comfortable environment for our students, but the Chandler TG1/Neumann M149 combo didn’t hurt either 🙂

Not only was Lewis lightning fast in Pro Tools, but he also contributed immensely to the project, helping to write the bridge and playing guitar/keys/bass on the record.  Needless to say, this studio provides much more than just a place to record.  You will leave here satisfied.  Period.


When I walked in to the studio a year ago to work on a Record with Lewis,I Knew there was something special there.
and I have been Recording there ever since.I look forward to making More hit songs there.


Well I must Say that this establishment is the Best Recording Studios around. The Engineer/ Owner Lewis Richards is a master at the California Reggae sound, Rock, R&Bm, and many more styles of music…. I personally have done many tracks with this Busniess and was not unhappy with any of the work by far.. I would say if u play and u want to record this place is it…

Lewis Richards has this special touch to every single track and he makes it look effortless. Big up 17th!  You guys are doing great things.


This facility is one that most people would envy. However, the quality of the studio equipment pales in comparison to the man behind it all. Lewis Richards is a protools magician working laser fast. He takes it a step further with his musical contributions. Not just Ideas, no, Lew has recorded at least 1 track in each of our cuts. All the while you sit back and watch as Lew naturally and very comfortably navigates everyone involved through the process with a giant smile on his face. Much love to 17th St Studios and I cant wait to visit again!


I have recorded 13 songs with 3 different bands all with 17th st Recording Studios, from styles such as Progressive Rock to Hip-Hop to Blues to Folk to Indie to Reggae, Lewis Richards made every song sound amazing.  He provides a comfortable working environment.. very chill atmosphere.. He has great ideas and an impeccable ear.

This place is also perfect for the songwriter that needs a band for recordings because
Lew plays almost every instrument very well.  My favorite is watching him play bass.. just flawless.

As for the sound board, he is a MASTER behind the controls.

All in all, I will continue to return to 17 st because Lew Dogg is a really cool guy and very good at what he does.


Best place I’ve recorded for sure. Lewis is classic, and a Jedi at Pro Tools. I’ve been satisfied with every recording I have gotten out of this studio. This is a studio that every musician should have the pleasure of recording at.


Just finished an awesome EP and my bands first EP at 17th St. and i could not be any more satisfied! It was a great experience with a really creative and comfortable atmosphere.  Lew Richards is a great producer to work with and his extensive knowledge of music and music production really makes the recording process a fun and professional experience!  I left the studio with a smile on my face and an amazing final product!  17th Street is where its at!  Thanks again Lew


I just finished recording a couple tracks at 17th Street Recording Studio and I have nothing but good things to say. Producer Lew Richards was already a legend in my circle so I knew I was with the best, but working side by side with Lew was the best experience of my life. I also had the pleasure of working with CEO Anik Dang. Anik really helped me along the way and helped me stay in my budget range. I would never record another song anywhere else.  BEST STUDIO OUT THERE!!!

When we brought our band PapaFish into record at 17th Street, we already about knew the amazing reputation the studio had (Sublime, The Dirty Heads, Mary J. Blige, Slightly Stoopid, Seedless and much more). After tracking our first few sessions with Lew, our expectations were exceeded BIG TIME. The songs came out far greater than we anticipated and the overall vibe of the studio was  warm and positive. Lewis Richards and Anik Dang have built a haven for recordings artists of all types, especially reggae/rock/ska/hip-hop. Simply put, if you’re looking to get the best out of your music, you should HIGHLY consider 17th Street Studios in Costa Mesa, Ca.


Lewis Richards and Anik Dang have created a unique creative collective of music makers. Lewis earns his nickname every day. I affectionately call him “LEW EYE” because he has an eye for talent and is a mix master with pro tools. Lewis is a great producer, engineer and musician. It’s been a pleasure this last year having him co-produce my new album with Ronnie King and me. Proud to call him a friend and I recommend his talents to everyone! 17th Street Studios ROCKS! jimi FITZ


Great sound, heard my song on their radio station – went to this studio because i read they had worked with sublime. totally worth it. been to a lot of studios in california, a lot looked nicer, but 17th Street has the best sound. Highly recommended!

Just finished a track at 17th St Recording Studio and I must say we are definitely going back.  We took a sketch of a track we recorded to give Lew a basic idea of what we where going for and he turned our song into a radio sounding HIT, added just enough to make our song really come to life.  Ive sat in the studio with many engineers and by far Lewis Richards is one of the most efficient, musically seasoned, and creative ones your gonna come by.

If your looking for quality, top notch music production and sound I HIGHLY recommend 17th Street Recording Studio!!


All in one stop music shop! Recording, Engineering, Videography and now music/instrument lessons all by the beach! Not to mention, Lewis Richards, Owner/Engineer/Writer/­Producer is amazing. Professional attitude with an amazing ear for all types of music, Lew can power through an all night session and he can let lose and have a good time, giving every project all the energy it deserves.  You can hear that energy in every track that comes out of 17th Street Recording studio (all the way from the car in the parking lot playing the new track on the car stereos- on blast! Anyone who has recorded at a studio before knows what i am talking about!) All of that combined with a great atmosphere and friendly people make it easy to feel comfortable and welcome.  Check it out!


Producer Lew Richards is pumping out hits, period.  If you want to get the most out of your songs, then 17th Street is the spot.  HIs prices are more than reasonable for the final product.  Better do it know, there’s going to be a day when Lew is so popular that he’s too busy for you.  Pull the trigger kids…you won’t regret it.


Such a great experience to work there!!! amazing ideas and workmanship!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU RECORD OR MAKE MUSIC HERE!!!!

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Recording at 17th street was a great experience. Lewis Richards has an amazing ear for good sounds, is an astonishing musician, and backs it all up with some serious pro-tools wizardry. Though 17th street is known for it’s cali reggae-rock/ska type music that it tends to churn out, Lewis is a versatile man and was able to help us despite the fact that our musical direction was nowhere in the realm of this. From indie/math/post rock to the traditional cali reggae dub sound that 17th street is known for I would highly recommend this studio to both artists new to recording and veterans alike. Lewis, Anik, and their charismatic gang of interns know how to push you to your artistic limits, yet keep the atmosphere lively and filled with jokes, all while churning out a seamless final product. Lew you are the man, and keep churning out the good stuff.

-The Byzantine Empire


By far the greatest atmosphere one could ask for in a studio setting. If the combination of the best equipment both modern and vintage is not enough of an allure, the top notch mixing from Lew and overall efficiency in the studio is more than you could ask for. 17th is by far the best studio one could ask for, no matter what the style of music you play!


The studio is Grade A!

Lewi is great to work with! I know why the Dirty Heads will only record with him.

He’s not intimidating at all, but will get a top performance out of you

He’s fast, he’s a finisher, and he’s got a great ear! We are recording our next album with him; we had much success around the world with the last one.
Listen for yourself:

Tall Can Wednesday…

Meet Me At The Pub


You can go almost anywhere and find a great studio, but what you get at 17th Street is Lewis Richards. Both a talented engineer and a brilliant musician, Lew’s expertise is only eclipsed by his innate knowledge of music. I’ve sat in on several sessions, and he was always professional, fast and best of all –  fun to work with.

Lew, you Rock!


Best Studio in Southern Cali. Been Recording here for years and always love the outcome. Lou the Engineer is on point and really knows his gear, I defiantly recommend this spot to anyone serious about there music.
Duddy B


Lew is probably the most talented producer/engineer that I’ve had the pleasure of working with thus far in my career as a drummer.  The first time I came in to record some tracks, I was instantly at ease from the relaxed atmosphere and positive vibes from Lew and the rest of the 17th Street staff (Anik/Micah/Juan/ whoever else stops by!!).  Recording here is ALWAYS a good time, period.

I’ve been to a few studios around South Bay and LA where you have an engineer who has a negative personality and trust me, things like that will have an affect on your overall product.

If you want to take your project’s sound and professionalism to the next level, do yourself a favor and check this place out.  Lew makes himself available to artists/bands at all stages of their career, and he sincerely wants your music to sound the best it possibly can.  I can honestly say that I am a better drummer and musician with the guidance I’ve received in studio (and on stage) from Lew Dog!!!

Kevin Offitzer

This Studio is top notch in any book. This studio is conveniently located off the 55 and has state of the art equipment along with some instruments you wouldn’t find in many studios to give you eclectic sounds if that’s what you want.

Lewis Richards aka Lew Dog is a the master in command at the studio and has worked on multiple albums of friends that I know in other bands as well as some that have hit the billboards at #1. He takes pride in his work and is beyond knowledgable in his craft.

When you pay by the hour, it’s hard to actually be happy about recording at place you may not have personal knowledge of, but I can tell you this, I’ve never seen anyone work as fast and as amazing as Lewis Richards. His speed and ear for sound are unmatched anywhere I have personally been and I’ve been blessed to be in many studios.

A definite must if you want A+ Quality for any music you plan on producing, making, or releasing!

Matthew Liufau


17th Street & Lew are the best. He’s a great producer, engineer, musician and the studio environment is nothing but good vibes. There is a real history to this place & they are the heartbeat of the SoCal sound. I have recorded at alot of different places and 17th St. is the best! – if your lucky enough to record there, you won’t be sorry!  – Pilot Touhill


This facility is as good as it gets! The owner/producer Lew Richards is one of the most talented and kind individuals you will ever meet. Great for all genres of music. I cannot recommend this studio more highly!!


I’ve been through a ton of studios and Lewis and the crew at 17th Street really know what they’re doing.  He hooked us up and made us feel at home, even found additional musicians for our project when we needed it. Oh yeah, and he can play pretty much anything you need too, so if your budget is tight, he can help you out.

Always laid back, and takes pride in their work.


Let me start by saying that when we recorded our album, I personally came out of this studio %100 better as a musician. Lewis has  taught me how to be a better guitarist, singer, and songwriter since the day I met him. Hands down the best engineer/producer and one of the nicest, smartest dudes I have ever met. I literally cannot see my band ever recording elsewhere, The vibe is so unbelievably awesome. And I truly believe there isn’t an engineer out there who knows pro tools as well as Lew-dogg! 17th street for Life!!!!!!!!


17th Street Studios was hands down the turning point for our band. We went in there a mediocre local band. We came out with an iTunes top 10 debuting album and  more fans now than we could have ever dreamed of. Such an amazing vibe and recording atmosphere! Well worth every penny! Much love to Lew, Anik and Juan killing it over there to name a few.

Casey – Seedless


Lewis got the sound… the vybz… the gear… the ear… the brain… the experience… the track record… c’mon man… what more u need 2 know? 17th Street iz IT!


Best recording studio I have ever been to, point blank, period.  17th street studio offers a perfect ambience and creative environment to get all your musical needs taken care of,  and beyond that, Lewis Richards is by far the best engineer i have come across and been blessed to work with.  He works fast and brings out the absolute best in everyone he works with.  Plus, he offers incredible rates and is one of the most straight-forward and honest guys, you are going to come across in this industry.  He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and he has a plethora of experience and knowledge.  If you are serious about your career/artform, then this is the place you need to be at!   I’ll leave you with this, i started off working with Lewis on a business level, but, after all the years of seeing him give his all to help me succeed with my music career, i consider him family.  Big Up!!!



Hands down the BEST studio in Orange County with by far the most talented, intuitive, musical genius producer/engineer Lewis Richards.  I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.  I’ve been working with Lewy and team for about 8 years.  17th street studio and Lewy have been instrumental in the success of my career as musician/producer and music supervisor for film and TV.  Everything that comes out of 17th Street Studios is of the highest quality.

If you want to get with the best, go see Lewy at 17th Street Studio, anything else would just be a waste of your time and money.
-Mike Meeker
Music Supervisor at
Label owner at Citrus Recordings
bassist at


17th Street Records if def the place I go if you want to work with an awesome staff and be able to express yourself creatively! Lew is a genius when it comes to putting wonderful, heart felt music together! If you live in or near the OC.. better get down to 17th!!!!

This is the best Recording studio in all of Orange County hands down. Lewis Richards is by far the best Pro Tools Engineer/Producer/Multi-­instrumentalist you will ever have the pleasure of working with. The studio has some of the most sought after recording gear. Including Chandler Limited, Neve, API, Ampex, Universal Audio, and Neumann Mics and much much more. If you’re looking for the best sound for your money look no further than 17th Street Recording Studios


17th Street Recording Studio is dedicated to excellence. Lewis Richards is a highly talented producer, engineer, musician, and an amazing person as well.  This studio has everything you need to facilitate the recording and production of your next album.


Wow, what can I say that hasn’t already been said?!!! Lewis Is literally The BEST engineer I have had the privilege to work with!! I got lucky and stumbled upon 17th Street Recording studio and what a Blessing that was!!!!  Lewis has the ability to get the EXACT sound you are going for out!! As stated earlier, his laid back but professional demeanor adds the icing to the perverbial cake.. I have personally recommended artist to Lewis and now with the help of Lewis and 17th Street Recordings those same artist are now touring world wide as members of a multi platinum selling band and solo careers are SOARING due to the Guidance and Vision Lewis brings!!!!   If you are a serious musician looking to do serious business I Strongly suggest 17th and Lewis!!! This place is will facilitate Exactly what you are looking to accomplish musically!!!

When it’s time to do work, I know exacty where I’m going!! Hopefully I’ll see you there!!  Thank You Lew!!! Till Infinity


Lew at 17th St. Studios is 1 of the most knowledgeable Music producers around!!  Whether you are a new and upcoming band that needs his help and guidance or an veteran kicking ass band, Lew is the Man. His expertise and experience in all the fields of music is Awesome!! Super  friendly, non judgmental and always there to advice on the technical parts where any band needs help!! There is no other Producer who comes close to Lew in how he can transform a mediocre   song or album into something legit and super impressive for the bands Fans and Musical Peers!! You will be making the Best decision you possibly can, using Lew to Produce and Master your Songs or Album !!!!


Amazing Gear, Sound Quality and Great Staff ! Best place to Be if your recording in The OC !


17th street recording studio is without a doubt the #1 place to record and mix your tunes.  Lewis Richards is the most creative producer our band has ever worked with.  The whole experience we had at the studio took our recordings to another level and more important the vibe from the 17th street family cannot be beat.

If you are looking to record look no further, this is the place, you will not be disappointed.  Sully – Meet Me At The Pub

Tommy S.

  • Long Beach, CA

As a music industry professional with over 25 years  experience,I have had the good fortune to record in some of the finest studios with some of the top engineers and producers in the business.
I would rank Lewis Richards and 17th Street Recording Studios as one of the very best I’ve been privileged to record at.
Lewis is a top notch engineer and a top rate musician and producer. His easy going manner is supportive and his musical knowledge is stellar. Throw in his creativity and you have the recipe for a great recording experience. If you are looking for a great vibe,great gear with a top notch engineer consider 17th Street Recording Studios for your next project.


17th street is the shit, its like a big family there. Lew is a geniusss with pro tools he gets his work done verrry fast at a speedy pace. Ive recorded at 17th street with merely everything we’ve recorded and never had any complaints about recording or anything this place has to offer. Definitely check this place out im a huge enthusiast about this 17th street recording studios! Cheers!


17th st. is the place to be involved with if you are in any kind of scene that involves any kind of music and want to get your stuff tracked well in a cool place with cool peeps.  Lewis knows whats up and works the pro tools like the pro he is! Tracking is easy, fun, and the end result is always something nice! Scheck it out! You won’t be disappointed one bit!


We just finished recording a 7-song EP at 17th Street Recording Studio. I have been performing music for many years but this was only my second studio experience. I did some research to find this spot. I also wanted a place with a real track record for turning out hits. I had recorded once before in another studio,  a single with a major producer in his studio in LA and was disappointed with it. I’ve got to say that our album turned out AMAZING and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND 17th street. Check it out for yourself: http://www.reverbnation.…


I recorded with Lew a couple of months ago and it was the best recording experience I’ve ever had.  Lew is not only a great sound engineer/producer, but he is also a wonderful multi-instrumentalist and a true musician at heart.  It is a the total package when you are working with Lew.  He has a great ear for arrangement and will make sure that you are walking away at the end of the day with a hit single.  Not to mention his rates are killer and nobody works faster/efficiently in pro tools than Lew, giving you a bang for your buck that beats inflation.  All in all if you are serious about your music and are looking to bring it to the top of its game, Look no further than Lew Dog and 17th Street Recording Studios!


when i think of 17th street studios all i can feel is an amazing vibe no creative mind goes untouched here always open to new ideas and was of producing hit tracks def my favorite place to lay vocals down -Moi of tomorrows bad seeds


If you are an artist and want to get the best quality sound possible..I would highly reccomend 17th street in Costa Mesa, CA!! Our band DevOcean has recorded there and the final product far exceeded our expectations. Lou is the fastest and the most efficient pro tools/engineer we have ever worked with. Hit up 17th street in costa mesa if you want to sound the best you can. You won’t be let down


If you are looking into recording the best quality EP/Album for your new and upcoming band, or even if you are an established musician, 17th St is the spot for you. I’ve always taken music very seriously and this guy is like a god of sound. He can take any concept you have and turn it into something you’ll never regret.


these guys are dope. i went in there to record my band and i met some of the sublime guys there, and a few other really famous people. ive been to every big studio in orange county, and this one was my favorite.

other studios have better interior designers and furniture, and i have to say it was pretty messy. the place is dog friendly, which is good if you like dogs. bad if you are allergic.

we didnt have to bring drums, they had everything i could ask for with instruments and pro gear, analog, even tape transfers. the producer Lewi is an amazing musician too. he made us sound way better than we do live. the manager Anik helped us get gigs and we still go to him for design stuff.

so if you’re in a band and you want to make a demo for cheap, go buy a computer and make it yourself. if you want to start shopping your music to producers and radio stations, definitely record at 17th Street. if you have the money, its worth it!


This studio is pretty much dope.  Lewi is an amazing producer-engineer.   I’ve been recording my music there and am stoked with the work he’s done so far.  He’s working with some of the best talent in So Cal of all genres and ages.  I highly recommend this recording studio if you want platinum sound!

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