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Lewis Richards is the producer behind The Dirty Heads, Micah Brown, Seedless, and hundreds of other bands known in Orange County. He was trained as a marine by the US Navy and studied music. He is currently known as “The Fastest in the West” on Pro Tools.

Michael “Dangerously” De La Torre, is a Performer/Producer/Singer-Songwriter best known in his role as lead singer/guitarist for Los Angeles based funk/dance/rock trio Zen Robbi. Mic has been performing in cities all over the west coast for nearly a decade, and is currently working with legendary artists in multiple projects.

Anik Dang studied business at CSU Fullerton, and holds a BA in Entrepreneurship. He was nominated for Orange County’s Best Producer in 2013. He also directs, edits, and produces films.

  • Stan Frazier
    Stan Frazier Producer / Songwriter
  • Anik Dang
    Anik Dang Executive Producer
  • Mic De La Torre
    Mic De La Torre Producer / Engineer
  • Lewis Richards
    Lewis Richards Producer / Engineer
  • Nick Sabia
    Nick Sabia Singer/Songwriter
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OCMA Nomination
Best Record Label 2012-13

17th Street Recording Studio was established in 2001.


great music. great people.

  • “Its the jacket and the pants! ”

    Massive McGregor
    Massive McGregor Singer/Songwriter/Composer
  • “ This shit is Dope ”

    Steve Fox Producer
  • When I walked in to the studio in 2010 to work on a record with Lewis, I knew there was something special there. I have been recording there ever since. I look forward to making more hit songs there.

    Ronnie King
    Ronnie King Producer
  • Perhaps THE most professional recording studio in all of Orange County. It's run by the visionary, talented Lewis Richards and is a headquarters for collaborative community of musicians. I worked with Lewis for an LP album, and the experience was nothing short of perfect. In terms of leadership, he provided the perfect balance between creative autonomy and editorial feedback during the album's inception. Great communication with myself and the rest of my band members, kept the process transparent for everyone. On a technical level, Lewis is a brilliant sound engineer and knows his programs like the back of his hand. He's well read on various different recording methods and seasoned in a multitude of programs and equipment. Completely satisfied with my experience working with him. I came in with the intention to record music, and 17th St. Recording Studio sent me off with an album I'm proud of. Not to mention, I gained a valuable friend in Lewis along the way. Also, Lewis' chihuahuas (studio mascots, whether you like it or not) are the only chihuahuas that I have ever liked. Ever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq3eQMVMgqo

    Lily Bee
    Lily Bee Singer / Songwriter
  • This has to be one of the most unique and impressive recording studios I've had the pleasure of recording in.  We used Lewis' facility for a project we did for our non-profit music school, The CUT Studios.  As a singer/songwriter, I have recorded everywhere from DARP (Dallas Austin) in Atlanta to Universal Recording Studios in LA.  Not only did 17th St Recording studios provide a comfortable environment for our students, but the Chandler TG1/Neumann M149 combo didn't hurt either 🙂 Not only was Lewis lightning fast in Pro Tools, but he also contributed immensely to the project, helping to write the bridge and playing guitar/keys/bass on the record.  Needless to say, this studio provides much more than just a place to record.  You will leave here satisfied.  Period.
    Jay P. Project Manager
  • I just finished recording a couple tracks at 17th Street Recording Studio and I have nothing but good things to say. Producer Lew Richards was already a legend in my circle so I knew I was with the best, but working side by side with Lew was the best experience of my life. I also had the pleasure of working with CEO Anik Dang. Anik really helped me along the way and helped me stay in my budget range. I would never record another song anywhere else.  BEST STUDIO OUT THERE!!!

    Ikaika Beamer
    Ikaika Beamer Singer / Songwriter
  • When we brought our band PapaFish into record at 17th Street, we already about knew the amazing reputation the studio had (Sublime, The Dirty Heads, Mary J. Blige, Slightly Stoopid, Seedless and much more). After tracking our first few sessions with Lew, our expectations were exceeded BIG TIME. The songs came out far greater than we anticipated and the overall vibe of the studio was  warm and positive. Lewis Richards and Anik Dang have built a haven for recordings artists of all types, especially reggae/rock/ska/hip-hop. Simply put, if you're looking to get the best out of your music, you should HIGHLY consider 17th Street Studios in Costa Mesa, Ca.

    Greg Menjivar
    Greg Menjivar Vocals / Guitar
  • Lewis Richards and Anik Dang have created a unique creative collective of music makers. Lewis earns his nickname every day. I affectionately call him "LEW EYE" because he has an eye for talent and is a mix master with pro tools. Lewis is a great producer, engineer and musician. It's been a pleasure this last year having him co-produce my new album with Ronnie King and me. Proud to call him a friend and I recommend his talents to everyone! 17th Street Studios ROCKS! -jimi FITZ

    Jimi Fitz
    Jimi Fitz Singer / Songwriter / DJ
  • Recording at 17th street was a great experience. Lewis Richards has an amazing ear for good sounds, is an astonishing musician, and backs it all up with some serious pro-tools wizardry. Though 17th street is known for it's cali reggae-rock/ska type music that it tends to churn out, Lewis is a versatile man and was able to help us despite the fact that our musical direction was nowhere in the realm of this. From indie/math/post rock to the traditional cali reggae dub sound that 17th street is known for I would highly recommend this studio to both artists new to recording and veterans alike. Lewis, Anik, and their charismatic gang of interns know how to push you to your artistic limits, yet keep the atmosphere lively and filled with jokes, all while churning out a seamless final product. Lew you are the man, and keep churning out the good stuff.

    Brett Nicholas
    Brett Nicholas Guitar / Songwriter
  • Best Studio in Southern Cali. Been Recording here for years and always love the outcome. Lou the Engineer is on point and really knows his gear, I defiantly recommend this spot to anyone serious about there music.

    Duddy B
    Duddy B Singer / Songwriter
  • Lew is probably the most talented producer/engineer that I've had the pleasure of working with thus far in my career as a drummer.  The first time I came in to record some tracks, I was instantly at ease from the relaxed atmosphere and positive vibes from Lew and the rest of the 17th Street staff (Anik/Micah/Juan/ whoever else stops by!!).  Recording here is ALWAYS a good time, period. I've been to a few studios around South Bay and LA where you have an engineer who has a negative personality and trust me, things like that will have an affect on your overall product. If you want to take your project's sound and professionalism to the next level, do yourself a favor and check this place out.  Lew makes himself available to artists/bands at all stages of their career, and he sincerely wants your music to sound the best it possibly can.  I can honestly say that I am a better drummer and musician with the guidance I've received in studio (and on stage) from Lew Dog!!!

    Kevin Offitzer
    Kevin Offitzer Drummer
  • This Studio is top notch in any book. This studio is conveniently located off the 55 and has state of the art equipment along with some instruments you wouldn't find in many studios to give you eclectic sounds if that's what you want. Lewis Richards aka Lew Dog is a the master in command at the studio and has worked on multiple albums of friends that I know in other bands as well as some that have hit the billboards at #1. He takes pride in his work and is beyond knowledgable in his craft. When you pay by the hour, it's hard to actually be happy about recording at place you may not have personal knowledge of, but I can tell you this, I've never seen anyone work as fast and as amazing as Lewis Richards. His speed and ear for sound are unmatched anywhere I have personally been and I've been blessed to be in many studios. A definite must if you want A+ Quality for any music you plan on producing, making, or releasing!

    Matthew Liufau
    Matthew Liufau Singer / Songwriter


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